Redesigned 2023 CPA PEP modules

The CPA PEP Core, Elective and Capstone modules have been redesigned and a number of new resources will be available to candidates starting in January 2023.

Please take some time to review the information below. Access the FAQ document for answers to some commonly asked questions about the redesigned 2023 PEP modules.

Redesigned 2023 CPA PEP modules –
Frequently asked questions
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CPA Canada Learning Library eBooks

In January 2023, the CPA Canada Learning eBooks, housed in Knotia, have been retired and replaced with the new CPA Canada Learning Library, which is accessible in PDF format and online through the technical reviews housed on D2L. The new CPA Canada Learning Library contains seven volumes that are available to candidates in both PDF and eBook form and contain features such as snapshots, examples, summary problems and e-lessons on key technical topics.

Note that you still have access to the CPA Canada Standards and Guidance Collection, Professional Engagement Guide (Student Edition), Excise Tax Act, and the Federal Income Tax Collection through Knotia.

With the retirement of the CPA Canada Learning eBooks in Knotia (“retired eBooks”), candidates will be able to access the retired eBooks through an archive library for a period of six months. Access to the retired eBooks will be terminated on July 3, 2023.

Candidates should now use the CPA Canada Learning Library eBooks going forward. Use of the retired eBooks housed in Knotia should be discontinued immediately as they have not been updated for the standards in effect for 2023. Access to the retired eBooks is provided only for candidates to export their previous notes and highlights. These notes and highlights cannot be transferred to the new CPA Canada Learning Library eBooks. Instructions for candidates to export a copy of their personalized notes and highlights to their computer have been provided at the end of this communication.

Core, Elective and Capstone technical reviews

Candidates can access the CPA Canada Learning Library eBooks and practice multiple-choice questions through a technical review that is linked to each core, elective and Capstone module that they are enrolled in. The technical reviews for all modules are also available through the Introduction to PEP module in D2L. Candidates will have access to all technical reviews once they are enrolled in the Introduction to PEP module. Note that the eBooks will also be provided to candidates in PDF format.

In addition to housing the revised and improved eBooks, the technical reviews will also have some optional features to support candidate learning, including:

  • Diagnostic assessments that evaluate a candidate’s proficiency on technical topics covered in the module
  • A personalized syllabus focused on technical topics where candidates require additional study
  • Tailored adaptive reviews that reinforce learning and provide candidates with an opportunity for additional practice

Any progress made in the technical reviews is saved, regardless of where the technical reviews are being accessed from. 

For additional instruction on how to complete the technical review, refer to your module’s D2L site or the Introduction to PEP module D2L site.

Survival Guides and Module Syllabi

For 2023, the module survival guides have been retired and replaced with a module syllabus which contains information from the survival guide. These syllabi are accessible in D2L and publicly available on the Certification Resource Centre.

Candidates should now use the module syllabi going forward. The survival guides have been discontinued.

D2L module sites

Several design and content changes have been made to the PEP core and elective D2L module sites. Refer to the FAQ for additional details.


Step 1: Identify which pages contain notes and highlights:
  1. Navigate to and log in
  2. Select Briefcase, then View My Notes and Highlights

Any chapters with notes and highlights will be displayed.

Step 2: Export pages with notes and/or highlights to your computer:

  1. Open a new tab and navigate to
  2. Under ‘Subscriptions’, select ‘CPA Canada Learning eBook”
  3. For each chapter that contains notes and highlights (as identified in Step 1):

a. Select the chapter to open it on the right-hand pane
b. Select the Save Text or Document(s) to Hard Drive button
c. Select Save this Document

Highlights are maintained and notes are placed at the bottom of the document in date order.

If you have troubles with exporting your notes and highlights, please contact the IT Helpdesk: