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Show up like a coach for effective performance management

Want to empower your people and boost performance? Strengthen your leadership skills with a focus on understanding the intersection between coaching and performance management to better encourage growth and productivity.

Having a coaching mindset is a critical approach for success as a leader. Being able to ask thoughtful questions and create space for your team members to reach solutions on their own is proven to increase both individual and team engagement and motivation, not to mention increase accountability and productivity.

Learn how to empower your team and boost performance by using coaching and feedback methods that inspire accountability and encourage action. Develop a deeper understanding of how to set expectations and ensure follow-through, which can make all the difference in any performance conversation.

You’ll also learn about the differences between managing, mentoring, and coaching in this course, as well as some practical tips on the best approach for a variety of performance management scenarios.

Note: A complimentary copy of the ebook Show Up Like a Coach, which provides evidence-based insights from corporate executive coach, Jennifer Gervès-Keen, is included with your registration.

You will learn about:

  • how to differentiate between managing, mentoring, and coaching
  • specific frameworks for delivering constructive and positive feedback
  • how to best use your coaching time
  • setting expectations and goals for better performance
  • motivational performance review conversations
  • what it takes to retain top performers and coach poor performers
  • the role of empathy in coaching
  • tips for coaching in a remote work environment
  • key takeaways from Show Up Like a Coach for ongoing learning

Who should attend?

  • emerging leaders in all sectors
  • managers and senior managers in all sectors
  • other professionals who want a refresher on coaching and performance management

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