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Using emotional intelligence to be a better leader

Link the key aspects of emotional intelligence to your leadership practices and goals in this online course.

Emotional intelligence (EI), otherwise known as emotional quotient (EQ), has been a key part of the leadership landscape for many years. Seen as an essential, must-have, core skill set by many organizations, EQ is also one of the stronger predictors of performance in most sectors.

This online course will help you link the key aspects of EI – self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management – to your leadership practices and goals, ensuring practical knowledge through real opportunities to exercise. Understanding how to better lead yourself is a cornerstone to any individual’s career and will have a positive impact on both your professional and personal evolution.

  • emotional intelligence and why it is a predictor of performance
  • the four cornerstones of emotional intelligence
  • how to be more aware of your own EQ level
  • using EQ strategically to positively impact your leadership
  • creating and sustaining emotionally intelligent teams (including hiring practices)
  • applying and maintaining meaningful relationships at work
  • managing high levels of empathy, ensuring that you are empathetic and effective in your leadership role

  • emerging leaders in all sectors
  • managers and senior managers in all sectors
  • other professionals who want a refresher on emotional intelligence

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