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Data management foundations certificate

Data is changing the way businesses navigate risk and opportunity through periods of economic uncertainty. Harness the power of data and turn it into meaningful insights for strategic decision-making in this five-course online program.

Many organizations are facing the same challenge: too much raw data and not enough refined, usable data. Companies need leaders who can navigate the implications of digital disruption and be responsive to change.

In this program, you will learn how to harness the power of data and turn it into meaningful information for financial and strategic purposes. The curriculum includes five courses, combining theory and practice on the key components of data management: cleansing and modelling, business intelligence, analytics, decision-making and forecasting for the future.

The program includes four core courses and one elective course:

  • Data Preparation: Cleansing, Modelling and Dashboards
  • A choice of:
    • Data Preparation: Introduction to Power BI
    • Data Preparation: Introduction to Tableau Desktop
  • Navigating Data Analytics
  • Decision Making and Critical Thinking in a Data-Driven World
  • Data Landscape for the Future Accountant

The Data Management Foundations Certificate is designed for CPAs and non-CPAs looking to build their knowledge in data management. Targeted toward analyst and senior manager roles in accounting and finance, this certificate dives into the best practices for data and serves as a great prerequisite to our more advanced course, the Advanced Data Management Certificate Program.

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