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Kathleen Songin

Kathleen is a data analytics lead and data scientist at Newcomp Analytics. One of her key roles is delivering training and enablement on tools such as Tableau and Alteryx. Her educational background stems from an Environmental Engineering MASc, and a Physics and Mathematics BSc, where she was able to see how analytics is becoming a driving force across multiple industries.

Kathleen has applied these skills to a variety of roles; she analyzed Mössbauer spectroscopy-based data on Mars Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, she aided in the development of a biomathematics program that tracks bacteria as it travels through the gut, and she helped determine the optimal power output for renewable energy driven by Archimedes Screw Turbines.

All these roles required visualization of large data sets in an insightful and meaningful way, which led to a role at Newcomp Analytics, where she became a Tableau expert. She believes data visualization, like Tableau, holds tremendous value in making information accessible, and continues to enable users from data beginners to experts alike to become data rock stars.