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Carol Skillen


Carol is a graduate of St. Mary's University (Halifax) with a Bachelor of Commerce, accounting major, and began working as an auditor travelling across Canada and the northern U.S. for two years. Tired of all the travel, Carol joined Customs and Excise (now Canada Revenue Agency) as an auditor. She stayed in audit for 25 years, steadily working on larger and larger files, and eventually became an audit team leader. For the last five years of her CRA career, she was a manager with GST/HST Rulings. Carol obtained her accounting designation in 1991.

Carol always volunteered in some capacity, mainly in sports. She coached Paralympic track and field for 12 years and, in 2001, moved over to Special Olympics, where she is still actively (once Covid measures are over) coaching basketball and track and field.

Carol retired from the CRA in March 2018 and stepped up her volunteering activities by helping out at various festivals and by presenting financial literacy sessions on behalf of CPA Canada.

She conducts these CPA Financial Literacy sessions because of her belief that everyone should possess the set of skills and knowledge that allows them to make informed and effective decisions with all of their financial resources. Or, at least, to have enough knowledge to know when they should ask more questions!