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Establishing effective IT and data governance

Learn how effective IT and data governance can create and sustain value, provide competitive advantage, and help achieve strategic goals.

IT governance is the management and control of the information technology environment, including the data needed for the benefit of the organization and its stakeholders. With the current pace of change, businesses need to stay adaptive and resilient. Strong IT governance plays an important role in supporting the business strategy and mitigating new and emerging risks to ensure the sustainability of the organization.

In IT and Data Governance: Technology Spotlight, Peter Yien, CPA, CA, CISA provides an overview on how to create and sustain value, strategies for avoiding common pitfalls of ineffective governance programs, and key considerations for developing a comprehensive IT and data governance strategy, including:

  • establishing an IT portfolio management approach
  • communicating the IT vision and plan throughout the company
  • using IT resources more effectively to support company-wide objectives
  • aligning IT initiatives with overall business goals
  • ensuring IT management interaction with the board of directors

CPA Canada also has a practical resource guide for directors who want the most current thinking of how to oversee IT and measure performance. For more information, refer to the publication 20 Questions Directors Should Ask About IT.