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Supporting accounting academics: Canadian and international

See how the CPA profession supports the accounting academic community in both teaching and research.

The CPA profession is responsible for training, certifying and ensuring the continuing competency of our members. We operate in a sophisticated and rapidly changing field that demands significant intellectual ability and professional competence.

In pursuit of our goal of excellence in education, our activities include:

  • setting and evaluating the profession’s examination — the Common Final Examination
  • working closely with Canadian post-secondary institutions
  • running our own graduate-level professional education program
  • working closely with accounting bodies around the world 


CPA Canada supports the Canadian Academic Accounting Association (CAAA), providing significant funding for publications, activities and conferences. We also sponsor the Contemporary Accounting Research Conference.

Our Research Grant programs are administered by the CAAA. This annual program offers four grants of up to $10,000 each, in subjects specified each year in our Call for Proposal. Grants are awarded on a competitive basis.  


CPA Canada is a member, strong supporter and ongoing contributor to the International Accounting Education Standards Board (IAESB). We strongly encourage Canadian accounting academics to engage with the international standard setting process.

The IAESB strengthens the worldwide accountancy profession by developing guidance to improve the standards of accountancy education worldwide, focusing on three key areas:
  • the essential elements of accreditation:
  • education
  • practical experience
  • assessment of professional competence
  • the nature and extent of continuing professional education needed by accountants
  • studies/papers in accounting education promoting discussion and debate on education and development issues affecting the accounting profession


For accounting academics interested in international accounting standards, the IAESB releases exposure drafts. Canadian academics who are interested in international exposure drafts can submit their own comments.

The IAESB's objective, scope of activities and membership are set out in its Terms of Reference and summarized in its fact sheet. 

The IAESB’s International Education Standards, International Education Practice Statements, International Education Papers and International Information Papers can be accessed through IFAC’s website.