Vote results indicate Saskatchewan CAs and CMAs are in favour of unification

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Saskatchewan and CMA Saskatchewan release merger vote results and next steps.

Members of ICAS and CMA Saskatchewan were invited to vote earlier this month on a proposal to merge their organizations.

Within the ICAS membership, 1,285 members voted, representing 62.4% of the entire membership. Of those who voted, 64.9% voted in support of the merger. Total ICAS member vote results will be finalized to include paper ballots for those members not participating electronically, after the Oct. 28 postmarked paper ballot deadline.

Within the membership of CMA Saskatchewan, more than 48% of the membership voted either electronically or by a mail-in ballot. Of those members who participated, 94% voted in support of the merger between ICAS and CMA Saskatchewan. The strong support among CMAs in Saskatchewan for the proposed merger and unification of the Canadian accounting profession provides their Council with a mandate to proceed.