Unification legislation introduced in Alberta Legislature

Legislation marks the next step in the unification process in Alberta.

The Chartered Professional Accountants Act was introduced on November 25, 2014, in the Alberta Legislature. This is a monumental step for the accounting profession in Alberta as they work towards unification.

When passed and proclaimed, the Act will replace the current Regulated Accounting Profession Act as the legislation that governs the designated accounting profession in Alberta. The new legislation (when proclaimed) will also establish the Chartered Professional Accountant (“CPA”) designation in Alberta.

It is anticipated that the Act will be passed before the end of the calendar year. Following that milestone, a member review and vote on new regulations, bylaws and rules of professional conduct for the CPA profession in Alberta will be conducted. This voting process will provide members with the opportunity to help finalize the unification process and obtain the proclamation of the CPA legislation—the final step required to complete the process.

Until the legislation is passed and proclaimed, Alberta members are not allowed to use the CPA designation. They should continue to use their legacy designation(s) until legislation is proclaimed in 2015.