The ICAA shares results from member survey on unification

ICAA member survey results show strong growth in support for unification.

Alberta CAs were asked to participate in a member survey in early March to share their opinions toward unification. A total of 1,806 CAs responded, representing 18% of the membership. The results indicate that 47% of members responding to the survey agree with the unification concept, 45% disagree and approximately 8% are not sure. If a vote on unification were held today, 47% of decided respondents would vote “yes” for unification, and 53% of decided respondents would vote “no.” Approximately 18% of respondents are undecided on how they would vote. The survey results show that support for unification has grown significantly among Alberta CAs since the last survey in 2011, when 28% of ICAA respondents supported the concept of unification.