Saskatchewan CGAs join merger talks

CGA Saskatchewan announces exploratory unification discussions with the ICAS and CMA Saskatchewan.

On December 7, 2011, the leadership of Certified General Accountant Association of Saskatchewan (CGA Saskatchewan) announced to its members that it is joining exploratory discussions with the CA and CMA organizations in Saskatchewan to join the ongoing dialogue to explore the merits and feasibility of uniting the Canadian accounting profession.

In joining this discussion, CGA Saskatchewan has indicated that it agrees with the eight overarching principles outlined in the position paper released in May.

Previously, CGAs in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Newfoundland & Labrador entered into discussions with their respective CA and CMA provincial bodies. On a national level, on October 28, members were informed that CGA-Canada was welcomed to the discussion with the CICA and CMA Canada. In Quebec, the CA, CMA and CGA Orders announced in October that their respective boards of directors had recommended moving forward on full unification of the accounting profession in their province.