Québec government introduces legislation to unite CA, CMA and CGA ordres

The Québec government today announced legislation to establish the new Ordre des CPA du Québec which will unite Québec’s CA, CMA and CGA organizations.

The Québec government today introduced legislation in the National Assembly establishing the new Ordre des CPA du Québec. Once the legislation is enacted, Québec’s CA, CMA and CGA Ordres will move forward to unite their organizations bringing together 35,000 professional accountants under the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation.

This legislation is an important milestone in the ongoing discussions across Canada to unite Canada’s accounting bodies. It comes following consultations with members and other stakeholders in Québec which led the boards of directors of the three bodies to issue a favourable recommendation to the Office des professions du Québec on the unification of the accounting profession in October 2011.

The legislation also serves as an example for other provinces. All provincial bodies in Newfoundland & Labrador, Saskatchewan and British Columbia, and the CA and CMA provincial bodies in Manitoba have introduced provincial unification frameworks for consideration by their members. Discussions are also ongoing in all other provinces with a view to uniting the Canadian accounting profession through the creation of a new certification program leading to a single Canadian accounting designation, Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA).