Ontario’s CMAs now members of CPA Ontario

Ontario’s accounting bodies are moving towards unification of the accounting profession in that province.

On April 2, Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario (The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario) and the Certified Management Accountants of Ontario announced to members that they have signed the First Unification Agreement. Ontario’s CMAs are now members of CPA Ontario and are entitled to use the CPA designation.

Consistent with the unification proposal voted on and supported by the CPA Ontario and CMA Ontario memberships in June 2013, CPA Ontario welcomes four CPA, CMAs to its governing Council, where they join eight CPA, CAs and four public representatives. Council elections will be next held in 2015.

The next step in this process to unify the profession in Ontario is to finalize the Second Unification Agreement between the Certified General Accountants Association of Ontario and CPA Ontario. All members of CPA Ontario and CGA Ontario will then receive a unification proposal in accordance with the terms of this Second Unification Agreement. A vote on this proposal will be held later this spring. During the lead-up to this vote there will be information sessions for members to learn more about this process.