Introducing the “ONE” CPA promotional campaign

CPA ONE program launched to raise awareness of the CPA brand and new certification program with members, registered candidates and those considering a career in accounting.

CPA One logoThis week CPA Canada launched – a microsite designed to provide support and specific information on the new CPA Certification Program to members, registered candidates and those considering a profession in accounting or business.

Built on the message of ONE, the microsite and supporting promotional campaign:

  • convey a future vision of a single, unified Canadian accounting profession
  • communicate that CPA professionals will carry the shared values, diverse skills, exceptional talents, management disciplines, and innovative thinking derived from the best of Canada’s current accounting designations – CA, CMA, and CGA
  • represent the new CPA Certification Program that derives its depth and breadth by integrating the best elements of the CA, CMA and CGA programs
  • reflect that the majority of Canadian accounting bodies (27 in total) are working together to realize the vision of the CPA

Participating bodies firmly believe that unification will benefit Canadians, our members, businesses and our capital markets and welcome any of the accounting bodies not currently participating in the merger discussions to join the creation of ONE.