ICAS and CMA SK issue Report to Government and provide an update on unification developments

ICAS and CMA SK provide an update to their members on the work of the Transitional Steering Committee and other unification developments.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Saskatchewan (ICAS) and CMA Saskatchewan (CMA SK) submitted a report to the Government of Saskatchewan detailing the results of their merger consultations, recommendations and next steps. Other significant developments based on the work of the Transitional Steering Committee (TSC) include: drafting a unification agreement between ICAS and CMA SK, crafting CPA Act legislation, and developing a transitional CPA SK joint venture to capture synergies and prepare for CPA education delivery.

In addition, ICAS and CMA SK were recently approached by CGA Saskatchewan (CGA SK) about rejoining unification discussions and have decided to reopen dialogue. Before CGA SK could be formally added to the unification initiative, ICAS and CMA SK would require member re-engagement, culminating in another vote.