ICAS and CMA SK sign agreement to pursue merger and establish CPA Saskatchewan

The CA and CMA bodies in Saskatchewan have signed an agreement to pursue a merger.

On March 28, 2013, the leadership of ICAS and CMA SK issued a joint communication to their members indicating that they have signed a Unification Agreement. This Agreement establishes the foundation and framework on which they will work together to construct CPA Saskatchewan.

Given the expected timeframe for the proclamation of legislation that establishes CPA Saskatchewan, next steps will include developing a joint venture (JV) through which ICAS and CMA SK will jointly perform as many functions as allowed under their current regulatory frameworks. The joint venture will be overseen by a Transitional Steering Committee and the JV stage will also include hiring a CPA SK CEO and developing all aspects of the strategic and business plans for the JV and the CPA SK entity. The JV will also work with the other western provinces on the regional delivery of the CPA certification program scheduled to commence in September 2013.