CPA Saskatchewan legislation receives passage

One professional organization for Saskatchewan’s accountants announced by the Government of Saskatchewan.

On April 9th, 2014, the CPA Saskatchewan Joint Venture was very pleased to announce that The Accounting Profession Act, provincial legislation to formalize the unification of the three accounting bodies in Saskatchewan, was passed in the Saskatchewan Legislature. This legislation outlines the standards that will define CPA Saskatchewan as a professional self-governing body. The Act will grant the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation to all CAs, CMAs and CGAs in Saskatchewan.

According to Martin McInnis, FCMA, Chair of the Transitional Steering Committee of the CPA Saskatchewan Joint Venture, “this is a historic day for the accounting profession in our province. Saskatchewan is the second jurisdiction in Canada to pass the necessary legislation.”

CPA Saskatchewan will represent over 4,400 professional accountants across the province, as well as nearly 1,000 students. Saskatchewan members join Canada’s more than 185,000 accounting professionals who are coming together to form the new Chartered Professional Accountant designation.

Although The Accounting Profession Act has received passage in the Legislature it will not come into force until it is proclaimed by the government. Before the official creation of CPA Saskatchewan and the complete unification of the three bodies, there are a number of tasks to be undertaken. The three existing accounting bodies will continue to work together to complete these tasks to ensure a smooth transition to the new organization. Until the new CPA legislation in Saskatchewan is proclaimed, the CPA designation cannot be used in that province. Once the legislation is proclaimed, CPA Saskatchewan will be officially created and Saskatchewan members and firms will be notified and provided with guidelines for the use of CPA.