CPA Manitoba legislation receives Royal Assent

The provincial legislation to formalize the unification of the three accounting bodies into Chartered Professional Accountants of Manitoba (CPA Manitoba) has received Royal Assent in the Manitoba legislature.


CPA legislation in Manitoba received Royal Assent by the Lieutenant Governor on June 30, 2015. This is a major milestone in the unification of the accounting profession in Manitoba.


Prior to the Chartered Professional Accountants Act coming into effect, there are a number of steps to be taken. A Transitional Board, comprised of four representatives from each legacy body and four public representatives, has been established to approve the CPA Manitoba Bylaws and appoint the first Board of Directors.

Once the transitional board has completed these two tasks, CPA Manitoba will advise the government and prepare for proclamation of the legislation, which is anticipated to occur this fall.

Status of unification across Canada

All 40 accounting bodies in Canada have either unified or are participating in discussions to unite under the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) banner.