CMA Ontario and ICAO issue announcements

CMA Ontario’s board announced its support for unification under the CPA banner. ICAO process continues as planned.

CMA Ontario’s board of directors issued an announcement stating CMA Ontario has decided to continue to support unification of the accounting profession currently taking place across Canada. Having reviewed the strategic alternatives the board said it decided that unification of the accounting profession under the CPA banner is in the best interests of the public, as well as CMA Ontario and its members. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario is currently concentrating on transitioning to the CPA and the creation of CPA Ontario. CMA Ontario anticipates this process will need to be completed prior to the initiation of new efforts to join CPA as a member of CPA Ontario.

ICAO welcomed the CMA Ontario announcement and said it is pleased that the CMA Ontario Board recognizes that the process of transitioning to CPA Ontario that is currently underway needs to continue and that CMA Ontario is prepared to wait until this process is completed prior to initiating new unification efforts.