CMA Canada calls Special General Meeting to enable participation with CICA in creation of CPA Canada

Notice of Special General Meeting sent to CMA Canada members to enable participation with CICA in creation of CPA Canada

In a communication to its members, The Society of Management Accountants of Canada (CMA Canada) announced that it will hold a Special General Meeting of the membership on December 11, 2012. The purpose of this meeting is to approve a resolution enabling the participation of CMA Canada with The Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA) in the creation of CPA Canada. All active CMA members are eligible to vote on the resolution in person or by proxy. While voting to unify the profession may also occur at the provincial level, CMA Canada is a separate federal body incorporated under the Canada Corporations Act with its own obligations in respect to a membership vote.

With two-thirds of the Canadian accounting bodies, representing 65 per cent of the total membership of the Canadian accounting profession, moving forward with unification, CMA Canada and the CICA have been asked by the participating provinces to establish CPA Canada. It is imperative the national bodies not only continue to support their legacy provincial bodies and memberships, but also establish CPA Canada to support the transition of the provincial bodies to CPA. The CMA Canada National Board of Directors strongly believes unification is in the best interest of its members, the profession and Canada, and encourages all CMA members to take part.