CMA and CGA Alberta boards vote to unify

The boards of CMA Alberta and CGA Alberta vote to unify as part of a national effort to create a single Canadian accounting designation.

The governing boards of the Certified Management Accountants of Alberta (CMA Alberta) and Certified General Accountants of Alberta (CGA Alberta) formally voted to move forward with unification of the two organizations as part of the national CPA unification framework. The vote follows the results of the June 2012 member vote, where 75 per cent of members of both organizations indicated their approval of unification.

Following the vote, a Unification Agency will be formed to bring the two organizations together. Students currently enrolled in CMA and CGA programs will continue to receive the legacy designation education for the time being. For new students planning a career in accounting and business, the CPA Canada certification program will be phased in beginning next September.

The unified organization will now approach the provincial government to request amendments to the Regulated Accounting Profession Act, the governing legislation for the accounting profession in Alberta. Amendments to this act must take place to create the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation in Alberta.