CGA-Canada announces member vote as the Integration Agreement between CPA Canada and CGA-Canada is approved

Integration Agreement between CPA Canada and CGA-Canada approved by both national boards and CGA Affiliation Council.

As noted in the June 18th CPA Canada news update, the leadership teams of CPA Canada and CGA-Canada have been working on the development of an Integration Agreement (IA) that details how integration of the two national accounting bodies will proceed.

The IA was approved today by the CPA Canada Board of Directors and on September 14, 2013 by the CGA-Canada Board of Directors and the CGA-Canada Affiliation Council, which is comprised of voting delegates from all CGA provinces and territories across Canada and their international affiliates.

In order for CGA-Canada to integrate its operations with CPA Canada and begin providing CPA Canada’s benefits and services to CGA-Canada members participating in unification, a national member vote is being held in accordance with CGA-Canada bylaws. If the vote is successful, the IA will be signed in October 2013.

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