CGA-Canada enters exploratory merger talks

CGA Canada announces exploratory unification discussions with the CICA and CMA Canada.

CGA-Canada has announced to its members that it has agreed to begin exploratory discussions with the CICA and CMA Canada about the possibility of the three national accountancy bodies merging operations. The CICA and CMA Canada are pleased to welcome CGA-Canada to these discussions.

Over the last five months as the CAs and CMAs moved forward with the unification initiative, the door was left open for the CGAs to enter the discussion. CGA-Canada has now agreed to work with CICA and CMA Canada to explore how the operations of the three national bodies can be merged to best support members and the provincial organizations throughout the unification process and beyond.

Like its affiliates in a number of provinces, CGA-Canada, in joining this discussion, has agreed with the eight overarching principles that have been guiding the CA and CMA organizations’ unification exploration from its inception. This agreement is important as it provides the potential for a timely unification of members of all three accounting organizations under the designation Chartered Professional Accountant.

Currently, the CA and CMA national boards and provincial councils are reviewing feedback from members and other stakeholders who influence the future of the profession and we anticipate reporting on that consultation to members within the next several weeks. Should a decision be made to present a formal unification proposal to members, the provincial organizations will be actively engaging members and soliciting feedback and the national organizations will help to coordinate that process while developing plans to integrate our operations.

We will continue to keep you informed as things progress.