Three BC bodies approve joint venture plan and pass new bylaws which regulate use of CPA designation

BC members now have guidance on use of the CPA designation in conjunction with their legacy designations

This week, the CA, CMA and CGA bodies in British Columbia announced that their three boards have approved a joint venture and transition plan which they intend to implement October 1, noting that over 500 BC candidates are already taking the new CPA certification program.

At the ICABC and CMABC Special General Meetings held on Thursday, September 19, and the CGA-BC Annual General Meeting held on Saturday, September 21, the proposed changes to the respective bylaws were passed, which will regulate use of the CPA designation by BC members, and specifically how it may be used in conjunction with their legacy designations prior to CPA legislation being enacted. The BC bodies are optimistic that the government will introduce legislation in 2014 at which point all BC members will become members of CPABC and CPA certificates will be issued.