All three accounting bodies in New Brunswick announce positive vote results

The CA, CMA and CGA bodies in New Brunswick issue member announcements detailing the unification vote results.

Today, the leadership teams of The New Brunswick Institute of Chartered Accountants (NBICA), CMA New Brunswick (CMANB), and the Certified General Accountants Association of New Brunswick (CGA-NB) issued member announcements detailing the results of the recent member vote on unification. The results show that the majority of members of all three New Brunswick accounting bodies support unification. Voter turnout in New Brunswick was significant with 812 CAs, 510 CMAs and 564 CGAs participating (or 72% of CA respondents, 75% of CMAs and 70% of the CGAs respectively).

Members were asked to respond to the question, “Do you support the unification of the accounting profession in New Brunswick as outlined in the proposal dated March 22, 2013?” The responses are as follows:

NBICA: 61% voted yes, 14% voted to allow Council to decide, and 25% voted no.
CMANB: 89% voted yes, 8% voted to allow Council to decide, and 3% voted no.
CGA-NB: 91% voted yes, 6% voted to allow the Board of Governors to decide, and 3% voted no.

Next steps for the New Brunswick accounting bodies include working together on enabling legislation. Members will be updated as further developments occur.