Alberta CA, CMA and CGA accounting bodies issue announcements

ICAA Council announces they will resume unification discussions with Alberta CGA and CMA bodies.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Alberta (ICAA) issued an announcement to their members stating that the ICAA Council has chosen to resume discussions with CMA Alberta and CGA Alberta to support unification of the accounting profession currently taking place across Canada. A backgrounder with details regarding the Council’s decision has also been provided. ICAA will now be pursuing a consultation process with members and other stakeholders regarding unification of the profession.

The CGA and CMA bodies in Alberta welcomed the ICAA announcement and said that the return of the ICAA to the unification effort in Alberta completes the Chartered Accountant provincial presence in the national merger; thus increasing the number of professional accountants in Canada that support unification to more than 80 per cent. CGA and CMA Alberta will continue to move forward on the operational merger that began formally in October while ICAA completes the consultation process.