The procrastinator’s guide to retirement: How to retire in 10 years or less

Are you retirement-ready? Learn how to secure a comfortable retirement in 10 years or less.

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If you are 10 years or less away from retirement and the thought of retirement brings on more anxiety about your finances than excitement about the next phase of your life, this book is for you.

This winner of the 2016 EIFLE award for Adult Book of the Year (General) focuses on crucial issues that need to be considered in the years before retirement. Get step-by-step guidance through the process of developing a retirement plan that works — so you won’t have to.

With helpful strategies, practical tips and examples, and hands-on tools, The Procrastinator’s Guide to Retirement will help you to:

  • track your current spending so you can properly budget for retirement
  • maximize your savings, reduce debt and improve your investment strategy
  • plan for life changes such as poor health, caring for elderly parents or divorce