A Canadian’s guide to money-smart living

This EIFLE (Excellence in Financial Literacy Education) Award-winning guide will help you make money management a part of your daily life with easy action steps and self-assessment checklists.

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Take control of your financial future today

A Canadian’s Guide to Money-Smart Living will help you understand how to live money-smart, providing step-by-step instructions on how to take control of your financial future. Many of us feel that managing our money and financial future is hard work and out of our control, which often leads to us ignoring the issue or putting it off for another day, week or year. Simple everyday solutions are available. These start with learning the basics, being comfortable with the topic of money in the household and finally, asking a financial expert the right questions.

A valuable marketing tool for practitioners to distribute to clients

Sold in cost-effective bundles, A Canadian’s Guide to Money-Smart Living can also be given to current and prospective clients to promote your professional services. This handy guide will make it easy for you to connect with clients and provide them with valuable guidance on money management.


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Buy one get one free

New this year, we are also offering a ‘Buy one, get one free’ opportunity for the following volumes to help enhance your client experience.

A Canadian’s Guide to Money-Smart Living
A Parent’s Guide to Raising Money Smart Kids
Protecting You and Your Money

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