Tax clinics: Request a financial literacy series

Hosting a tax clinic? Take advantage of our no-cost, award-winning Financial Literacy Program to provide additional financial education at your clinics.


Together, CPA Canada and the organizations that are hosting tax clinics can work to help educate those who are utilizing tax clinics. CPA Canada can provide no-cost sessions as additional financial education.


  • our award-winning financial literacy program helps Canadians of all ages make more informed financial decisions
  • our unbiased, objective educational sessions are delivered nationwide and are offered at no cost
  • we will provide a CPA volunteer to deliver sessions at your host location 


We offer more than 40 sessions tailored to eight different audiences. We have combined some of our most popular sessions relevant to those living with modest incomes into easy-to-book tax related series segmented by audience. 

Package A: Students

Slaying your taxes
Own Your Financial Future: Managing Debt and Making Credit Work for You
Don’t get Scammed
Stretching into Savings

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Package B: Parents

Making Tax Your Hero
How to Teach Your Kids About Money
Are You A Good Financial Role Model
Stretching into Savings
Know Your Money
The Journey out of Debt

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Package C: Adults

Fraud Protection
The Journey out of Debt
Planning for Retirement
Estate Planning
Effective Tax Strategies

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Package D: Seniors

Making Tax Your Hero
Managing Your Finances in Retirement
Fraud Protection for Seniors
Estate Planning

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Package E: New Canadians

What you need to know about tax
Don’t Get Scammed
Know Your Money
Building Wealth in Canada

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Package F: Generic (all audiences)

The Journey Out of Debt
Don’t Get Scammed
Stretching Into Savings
Making Tax Your Hero
Know Your Money

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We also offer more than 40 sessions, view our full catalogue for more details.

Hosting a session is easy, find out more about setting up a financial literacy session.


Not sure which package is right for you? Contact us to find out more information.