Not-for-profits: Request a financial literacy series

Lack of financial background along with tight budgets and limited personnel present unique financial literacy challenges for not-for-profit board members, directors and staff. Our no-cost, award-winning workshops are here to help.

Why not-for-profits?

  • limited budgets and staff resources mean not-for-profit board and committee members with non-financial backgrounds will often have to take on financial responsibilities for their organizations
  • in order to have the largest impact serving the community, it is necessary that the finances of not-for-profit organizations are managed as diligently as possible
  • not-for-profits allow those with common goals to gather in one place to create positive change

Why CPA Canada?

  • our award-winning Financial Literacy Program has sessions that are specifically targeted to equip not-for-profit directors and fundraising professionals with the necessary resources to effectively understand and manage their organization’s finances
  • the program also has sessions specifically created for workplaces, providing employees with education to improve their overall financial health
  • our unbiased, objective education sessions are delivered nationwide and at no cost
  • we will provide a CPA volunteer to deliver the presentation at your location

What we can do together

CPA Canada and your not-for-profit organization can work together to ensure board members and/or employees have the necessary knowledge to understand and oversee the organization’s finances. You can also utilize our sessions to help your employees, clients or members of the public work towards a bright financial future, whether it’s in their personal life, through family responsibilities or through work.

Session packages

We offer several sessions that are tailored for not-for-profits and we have combined some of our most popular sessions into easy-to-book series:

Package A: Not-For-Profit Directors & Board Members

  • Understanding Financial Statements for Non-Financial NFP Directors

Request Package A: Not-For-Profit Directors & Board Members

Package B: Family Responsibilities

  • Saving Strategies – Easy Concept, Difficult Reality
  • Ten Healthy Habits of Financial Management
  • How to Teach Your Kids About Money
  • Are You a Good Financial Role Model?
  • Estate Planning

Request Package B: Family Responsibilities

Package C: Personal Finances

  • Savings Strategies – Easy Concept, Difficult Reality
  • Estate Planning
  • Effective Tax Strategies
  • Fraud Protection
  • Planning for Your Retirement

Request Package C: Personal Finances

Package D: Working in Business

  • Understanding Financial Statements
  • Advanced Financial Statements
  • A Healthy Balance Sheet and Why It Matters
  • The Money Side of Business

Request Package D: Working in Business

We also offer more than 40 sessions, view our full catalogue for more detail.

Hosting a session is easy, find out more about setting up a financial literacy session.

Want to learn more?

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