Managing your money: Planning for today

Better understand your cash flow and how to improve your money management skills.

Time frame: 60 min

Learning objectives for participants:

  • gain a better understanding of pay compensation and payroll deductions
  • learn about the various banking options that suit different lifestyles
  • find out how to handle credit card and other debt
  • determine personal financial standing and understand personal cash flow
  • learn how to file taxes and get helpful tax saving tips


  • understanding your paycheque and payroll deductions
  • bank accounts – different types of bank accounts and how to open them
  • personal account
    • family account
    • joint account
  • knowing your money situation
  • debt – credit cards
  • types of saving vehicles
  • tax
    • why to file
    • how to file
    • tax tips
  • resources
  • Q & A 


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