Slay your taxes

Learn about taxes and get answers to the top questions students have.

Time frame: 60 min

Audience: post-secondary students

Learning objectives for participants:

  • understand taxes and filing income tax returns
  • learn about contribution limits and non-taxable income
  • find out about deductions and credits for students


  • why we pay taxes and where they go
  • do you have to file
  • benefits of filing taxes
  • RRSP vs. TFSA
  • non-taxable income
  • deductions, credits and special rules for students
  • answers to the top five questions students ask
  • how to file an income tax return
  • resources
  • Q & A

Learning materials:

  • Document Organizer worksheet
  • When to File Your First Tax Return handout
  • Slay your taxes presentation crossword puzzle
  • Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) handout
  • Resources for Canadian youth available on handout


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