Own your financial future: Managing debt and making credit work for you

Understand credit and learn how to take control of your finances.

Time frame: 60 mins

Audience: post-secondary students in their second year of studies

Learning objectives for participants:

  • understand what credit is and how it works
  • learn how debt can pile up and have negative consequences on future financial plans
  • understand the difference between good debt and bad debt, and the value of having a good credit rating
  • learn practical ways to take control of finances


  • how credit works
  • how debt accumulates
  • opportunity cost
  • good debt vs bad debt
  • what you need to know about credit ratings
  • how to take control of your finances before they take control of you
  • resources
  • Q&A

Learning materials:

  • Understanding Your Credit Score — explains credit history, credit reporting and credit score
  • Defining Your Financial Goals — helps define and set financial goals for the next several years
  • Take a Situational Selfie — helps understand current financial situation by looking at budget activity
  • Balancing Your Budget — helps find unnecessary expenses and how much can be saved by cutting them out


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