Tips and secrets smart Canadians know

Learn about the basics of banking, credit and taxes.

Time frame: 60 min

Audience: new Canadian immigrants who have been in Canada less than two years

Learning objectives for participants:

  • learn why a bank account is needed and how to choose the right bank and banking services
  • understand the advantages and dangers of using debit cards, credit cards and ATMs
  • learn how to use effective money management skills to build credit history
  • understand the terms used on a pay statement and the purpose of payroll deductions
  • understand when, why and how to file an annual income tax return
  • know where to go for support and guidance


  • overview
  • bank accounts and banking services
  • ATMs, debit cards and credit cards
    • ATM — 24 hour banking
    • how a debit card works
    • credit cards — temporary loan
    • transaction fees can add up
  • establishing a credit history
  • understanding your pay cheque and your payroll deductions
  • filing your income tax return
    • when and how to file
    • getting the help needed
  • resources
  • Q&A

Learning materials:

  • Canadian Currency — a visual guide for Canadian currency (paper and coin)
  • How to Write a Cheque — explains the different parts of a cheque and how to write one
  • Debit Card & Credit Card — explains the different parts of a debit card and a credit card
  • Sample T4 Slip — a sample income tax slip
  • Sample Pay Cheque Stub — explains the different the parts of a pay cheque stub
  • Glossary of Terms — defines various financial terms and items


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