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These sessions target the diverse needs of adults, whether starting out in their career, raising money-smart children, or planning to retire.

These sessions help seniors to better manage their finances in retirement and protect themselves against fraud.

These sessions help employees improve their overall financial health, whether they are saving for their first home or planning for retirement.

These sessions teach new immigrants to effectively manage their money, covering topics such as how credit works, filing taxes and putting a financial plan in action.

These workshops teach students basic concepts and skills through interactive activities and case studies.

This session teaches post-secondary students about credit and debt, as well as practical ways to take control of their finances.

These sessions educates small and medium business owners/managers on key topics from financial statements basics to effective financial management.

These sessions help entrepreneurs with the tools and understanding of how to make their businesses a success.


Gain practical organizational insights and learn from industry experts at this annual event for not-for-profit financial leaders.