Making an impact from east to west

Learn how CPA Canada Financial Literacy is helping communities across Canada.

Our financial literacy program has made itself at home in many different communities over the years. From east to west, north to south, our CPA member volunteers have committed themselves to bringing financial literacy education to Canadians in need, everywhere and anywhere. As our financial literacy sessions target multiple audiences, from adults to children to new Canadians and small business owners, we are truly part of every community. Just in 2017, we will have touched and made a difference in the lives of 50,000 Canadians – again keeping with the theme of five!

Over the last five years, our program has found pride in our ability to identify the needs of Canadians and then respond by providing them with the information they need to make informed financial decisions based on their circumstances. We have learned that the best way to do this is to simply listen. Listening has resulted in the development over 35 different sessions for organizations to choose from when hosting a CPA Canada financial literacy session.

Perhaps one of the best examples of listening to our communities is illustrated through the successful launch of Survive and Thrive: Move ahead financially after losing your job. This new session and accompanying publication was piloted during Financial Literacy Month 2016. It came to life after one of our long-standing partners, the Calgary Public Library, approached us with a request for a down-to-earth resource for those facing unemployment – something very real and timely for many individuals within the library community.

The session attracted over 300 attendees, hopeful to learn how to deal with the financial and emotional stress of losing a job. One session participant said, “I have been unemployed for seven months now, and wish I had known earlier about this, but so happy to know now.”

CPA Canada Financial Literacy is always looking and listening for opportunities where we can offer support, wherever that may take us. During Financial Literacy Month 2015, we found ourselves on the east coast in St. John’s, Newfoundland, helping another vulnerable population, seniors, with the launch of a session entitled, Fraud Protection for Seniors.

While all Canadians can find themselves victims of fraud, seniors are identified as being especially vulnerable, often a target for fraudsters and their scams; including inheritance scams, emergency scams and cheque overpayment fraud – just to name a few. This session walks seniors through the importance of understanding what fraud is and how it works, how to identify scams and what can be done if they do become a victim.

Many seniors attended the packed session at a local library in St. John’s on that November day to learn what they can do to protect themselves. Special guest Jane Rooney, Canada’s Financial Literacy Leader, attended and addressed the eager crowd. One audience member had this to say about the session, “I am 65 and no one has ever given me this important information before. God bless CPA Canada.”

With our connected network of dedicated CPA program volunteers, and our commitment to improving the financial literacy of Canadians, we will continue to listen and make a difference in many communities – communities that teach and impact us just as much as we do them.

How to get involved

If you know of a community that would benefit from our no-cost financial literacy sessions, please contact us.

To learn more or request our sessions, visit Financial Literacy Sessions.

If you are a CPA member and would like to volunteer with our program, visit Become a financial literacy volunteer.

For questions, please email us.