FinLit fun for kids

Check out these age-appropriate activities for financial literacy month

Your kids may have heard on the news or at school that November is financial literacy month in Canada. Why not amplify their awareness of the importance of money smarts with one of these fun finlit activities?

Play a game: Go for a classic such as Monopoly and Payday or a life simulation video game like Animal Crossing, as I described here. Terms like cash, interest, expenses, mortgage and income will come up in the course of play, so there are lots of opportunities to boost your child’s financial literacy without them realizing they’re learning.

Read a book: There is a long tradition of children’s stories teaching lessons about saving or other financial themes — going as far back as Aesop’s The Ant and the Grasshopper. Here’s my post on the topic from a few years ago, which includes a selection of books to consider.

Watch a movie: So many films have money lessons — everything from Star Wars to Frank Capra classics. Here’s a list I compiled earlier this year, as well as an additional post with five financial lessons from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Go shopping: A strategic visit to the grocery store can introduce younger kids to basic money concepts, while a mall trip would be the perfect venue for a discussion about needs vs. wants

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