Five financial lessons from Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Just in time for Star Wars Day — May the 4th be with you!

The Star Wars universe is chock full of lessons for kids and adults alike, with galactic battles of good versus evil at its core. But if you look closely, you’ll find some Jedi-worthy financial wisdom as well. Here are a few favourites from Episode VII (and, yes, spoilers ahead):

  • The law of supply and demand
    When scavenger Rey brings her salvage to Jakku’s resident junkyard dealer Unkar Plutt, she notes that he paid her twice as much for the same goods the previous week. Unfortunately for her, there’s not much demand for those particular pieces of junk, so Plutt lowers his offer. On the other hand, the cute orange and white droid she has with her is at the top of the deep-pocketed First Order’s wish list, so Plutt offers her an astonishing 60 food portions for it.
  • Some offers are too good to be true
    If Rey had agreed to sell the adorable droid BB-8 for those 60 food portions, she would have been directly contributing to the downfall of the galaxy. If it sounds too good to be true — it probably means something shady is going on.
  • One person’s trash is another person’s treasure
    When Rey and Finn are looking for a means to escape the First Order, Finn points to the abandoned Millennium Falcon and says, “What about that ship?” To which Rey responds, “That’s garbage.” Well, not only was that garbage ship good enough to get them the heck out of Dodge, it is also the beloved “home” that Han Solo and Chewbacca have been searching out for years.
  • People don’t forget being swindled
    When Han Solo is confronted by two gangs he’s cheated, he tries to talk his way out of the situation by asking, “Have I ever not delivered?” One of the leaders answers: “Twice!” As you can imagine, they aren’t too happy about it.
  • Always take the opportunity to impress — you never know when it might lead to a job offer
    Rey's handling of the Millennium Falcon's many quirks and failing components catches Han Solo by surprise, prompting him to ask her to join his crew.

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