CPA Martin Mentorship information for parents and students

Find out about program benefits, how the mentorship works and how parents and students are involved.

The CPA Martin Mentorship Program  helps Indigenous students graduate from high school, value the completion of post-secondary education, learn about career options and benefit from making supportive connections with professional accountants and other business people in your community. Students can also gain an appreciation for the value a career in business and finance can offer to their local community. 

The benefits of mentorship

Research shows that youth who participate in mentorship programs are more likely to succeed in school, become community leaders, find opportunities for further education and discover career options.

Participation in the CPA Martin Mentorship Program can help your child:

  • increase their self-confidence, self-esteem and motivation to succeed
  • improve relationships with peers, teachers and family members
  • increase participation in school activities and classroom tasks
  • stay in school and graduate
  • improve job-related skills such as teamwork and effective communication
  • gain an appreciation for possible career choices

Who are the mentors?

Our mentors are Chartered Professional Accountants and other business people in your community. As experienced business leaders, they have strong personal and professional credentials and are thoughtful, caring adults committed to helping students succeed. Mentors build supportive relationships with students and participate with them in mutually agreed-upon activities to further students’ individual goals. 

How are students chosen?

Teachers participating in the program at your child’s school identify students with high potential to succeed. The placement process begins in Grade 9 and mentorships begin in Grade 10.

Students identified are those who:

  • would benefit from participation
  • have demonstrated a keen interest in learning
  • have the potential to be successful in post-secondary education

How does the mentorship work?

Most CPA Martin mentorship programs are built on group activities involving mentors and students. These programs are designed at the outset of each program by the mentorship team, the school’s teacher lead and the students.

Activities are designed to provide students with information and advice about their education, career options and related skills. Students must attend scheduled meetings and notify the mentor if they need to postpone.

Mentoring activities may include:

  • providing advice or assistance on time management strategies, preparing a resume and understanding the nature of different careers
  • offering workshops on post-secondary scholarship and bursaries application
  • experiencing workplace environments through office tours and participating in firm-sponsored community activities
  • participating in cultural sharing opportunities like blanket ceremonies and drum making
  • enjoying fun activities like rock climbing and bowling

Your role as the parent

The support and encouragement of parents is vital to the success of the mentoring process. 

We ask you to:

  • give written consent for your child to participate
  • encourage responsibility
  • show interest in mentoring activities
  • encourage your child to stay in the program
  • meet with the teacher lead and mentor

Your role as the student

The participant and engagement of students is vital to the success of the mentoring process.

We ask you to:

  • obtain written consent to participate in the program
  • show interest in mentoring activities 
  • meet with the teacher lead and mentor 
  • participate in mentoring activities 


Your child’s teacher lead will be your primary support during the mentorship. The teacher lead will keep you updated on your child’s participation and also answer any questions that you may have.

For questions or more information, please contact your teacher lead.