Schools: Setting up your CPA Martin mentorship

Find out what is required and how to set up a mentorship program.

The Mentorship Program will provide:

  • mentors with expertise in business and accounting who have strong personal and professional credentials; mentors and students will participate in group activities three to eight times a year and may have additional check-ins where deemed appropriate by the school
  • support in managing mentors
  • materials to get started

School's responsibilities

  • appoint your school champion
    • your school must appoint a school champion for the program, usually the principal or vice-principal
    • the school champion appoints a teacher lead and helps recruit
  • assign your teacher lead
    • the teacher lead may be a guidance counsellor, vice-principal, principal, student success teacher or classroom teacher
    • the teacher lead provides support and supervision of the mentorship program and shares responsibility with the mentorship team lead for program success
    • as the liaison between the school, mentors and students, teacher leads are responsible for engaging with parents, encouraging and supporting student participation and providing guidance to mentors
    • Indigenous liaison teachers can also play a critical role, working with teacher leads

Responsibilities of the teacher lead


  • identify students to participate – ask teachers to recommend students with high potential for success in post-secondary studies
  • communicate the objectives of mentoring to parents and students
  • obtain permission to participate from parents and students
  • work with the participating CPA Martin mentorship team coordinator on acquiring mentors
  • assign a mentor to each student, addressing specific matters that might affect the success of their working relationship, such as transportation issues
  • ensure your school board’s policies for communication, contact and social media use between mentors and students, are provided, acknowledged and followed


  • assist in the training and orientation of mentors
  • coordinate ongoing communication between students, mentors and parents 
  • actively encourage student participation and commitment to the program
  • help students recognize that mentoring relationships need time to develop
  • support the student and mentor as needed to promptly resolve any issues or concerns


  • monitor the mentorship
  • maintain regular communication with mentors about students’ progress and attainment of goals
  • notify parents of any mentoring activities outside of school property


  • help evaluate the effectiveness of the mentoring program

Setting up your mentorship program

  1. Identify and evaluate students to participate – have your teachers submit their recommendations. A Teacher Recommendation Form is available for this purpose (available in English only) Note: Please use one form per student.

  2. Obtain permission and student information from the parents. Send them the following (available in English only):
    1. Letter to Parents on the objectives of mentoring
    2. Permission form
    3. Student information form
  3. Conduct the student orientation. The following materials are available to get you started (available in English only):
    1. Student initial survey
    2. Student orientation
  4. Work with the mentorship program champion of the participating employer to match mentors to students, facilitating and approving any individual mentor-student matches.

  5. Ensure appropriate police checks are obtained for each mentor.

  6. Provide training and orientation to the mentor.

  7. Set up the initial meeting of mentors, students and/or parents.

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