CPA Martin mentoring activities and resources

Find activities and other useful resources to help plan a strong mentoring experience.

Your mentorship team may use our activities (see below) or work with your teacher lead and students to design your own program. Here are some things to keep in mind when planning activities.

Ideas for mentoring activities


  • promote youth leadership development experiences in the community
  • engage in community volunteerism together
  • offer opportunities for exposure to unfamiliar cultural and artistic events

Life skills

  • offer opportunities to improve social skills such as communication
  • provide training in areas such as how to manage money
  • help improve problem-solving skills and critical thinking


  • improve self-assessment of academic skills and areas of need for further education
  • help students learn about university, college, apprenticeship options and scholarship opportunities
  • offer workshops on post-secondary scholarship and bursaries application. Attachment available in English only.
  • identify work readiness skills


  • help students learn about career opportunities within and beyond business and accounting; for example, students might want to visit a physiotherapy clinic, a computer lab or an auto-body shop
  • encourage students to continue educational, personal and professional development
  • increase student awareness of career resources, networking opportunities and professional associations
  • teach students how to access reliable information sources


  • develop student understanding of your workplace and profession by discussing workplace rules, policies and procedures, work ethic issues, organizational culture, unwritten rules and social aspects
  • explain your employer’s goals and discuss how each person contributes to the achievement of these goals, including by explaining your job responsibilities
  • help students to see connections between classroom learning and the workplace
  • encourage students to ask questions and follow their interests
  • model behaviours that lead to workplace success, including respectful communication and cooperation with colleagues


Mentoring activities are determined by the CPA mentorship team, the school team and students, working together. The following tools and ideas can help your team get started.

  • Speed intros is an ice breaker tool in which individual mentors and students spend 10-15 minutes getting to know each other before time is called and they move on to engage with the next person. (for programs with six or more students) [coming soon]
  • Who am I? is a worksheet mentors and students can fill out separately and then discuss to learn more about each other and themselves.
  • Getting to know the student is a worksheet containing 13 questions for students to fill out on their own so you can learn more about their likes, dislikes, strengths, challenges and career interests.
  • Questions for students to ask mentors about working contains of a list of questions students can use to ask mentors about their work life and choice of career or profession. It may also help students gain confidence in asking other adults about their career choices. 
  • Career journeys is an interactive activity to do with your students. (Available in English only.)
  • Student goals helps students set goals and objectives for the things they want to do or discover over the next several years in the areas of creativity, education, relationships, fitness, health and work. This worksheet sets the stage for keeping a record of accomplishments that you can work on together with students over time.
  • 50 plus possible activities provides a comprehensive list of activities to do together. 
  • Project-based learning explains the benefits of defining a project to address a specific challenge, problem or dilemma and provides examples of successful projects that can provide an experience as robust as an internship.
  • The game of life is a game where each student must choose on which path to start: college or career. The game has been updated with new careers chosen by kids. 
  • Managing your money is a booklet containing tools and tips to help you meet your goals. Please email us for copies.

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