About the CPA Martin Mentorship Program

Our program provides CPA mentors to Indigenous youth to support them through high school.


The mission of our program is to help Indigenous students with high potential for academic success to:

  • graduate from high school
  • pursue post-secondary education
  • learn about career options, including careers in business and accounting
  • benefit from making supportive connections with CPAs in their communities


CPA Canada and the Martin Family Initiative jointly sponsor the CPA Martin Mentorship Program.

The Martin Family Initiative is an organization focused on improving education outcomes for Indigenous youth in Canada by working to build capacity in partnership with Indigenous people, their governments and the private sector.

CPA Canada has established, and is expanding, mentoring partnerships with accounting firms and the federal government. CPA Members in business and education will soon have the opportunity to participate.


Our program currently involves more than 125 students at more than 30 high schools in six provinces across Canada: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec, and the program is expanding.

Each participating school provides a school coordinator. Teachers identify high-potential youth, and parents grant permission for students to participate in the program. Students are identified in Grade 9 and may participate in Grades 10, 11 and 12.

Mentors are accounting professionals who have been identified by their employers. They are invited to participate based on their strong personal and professional credentials.

Mentors and students meet regularly through the school year to participate in mentoring activities that may include:

  • providing advice or assistance on time management strategies, preparing a resume and understanding the nature of different careers
  • experiencing workplace environments through office tours and participating in firm-sponsored community activities
  • participating in cultural sharing opportunities like blanket ceremonies and drum-making
  • job shadowing
  • engaging in fun activities together, like rock climbing and bowling


Our program benefits Indigenous high school students and CPA members alike.


  • develop an understanding of the benefits of graduating from high school and completing post-secondary education to achieve their goals
  • consider different career paths to capitalize on their potential, including careers in business and finance
  • learn how careers in business and finance can be valuable in their communities
  • learn about mentors’ education and training experiences


  • appreciate making a meaningful difference through helping others
  • learn about Indigenous cultures and the issues that Indigenous people face
  • meet personal and professional development goals through volunteering


  • experience greater student retention, performance and graduation rates
  • enhance their connection with local CPAs


To get involved or for more information, please email us.