Member video profiles: Spend 2 minutes with a CPA

See senior-level CPAs describe in their own words what they do and how they got there.

Whether you’re a CPA curious about what your contemporaries are doing, someone thinking about becoming a CPA, or a hiring professional wanting to better understand the breadth of what CPAs have to offer, our 2 Minutes with a CPA video series has something for you.

Sustainability entrepreneur: Shawn Burns

“I like growing companies,” says Shawn Burns, CPA, CMA, and president of Blue Forest Future Inc. “And I like working in new and innovative areas,” especially those that can have a positive influence on the planet. Burns says there’s a “huge opportunity” for accountants interested in sustainability-related work.

Tax expert for a global luxury brand: Lu Zhang

As vice-president of tax for a global hotel management company, Lu Zhang, CPA, CA, says she’s always learning something new. FRHI Hotels and Resorts operates more than 100 hotels in 33 jurisdictions, which makes staying on top of a myriad of tax laws and business cultures an absolute must.

Finance executive with Canada’s second-largest private company: Steven Pang

Steven Pang, CPA, CGA, may be senior vice-president of finance but that doesn’t keep him at a desk. “I actually roll up my sleeves and get into the nitty-gritty with people and get a feel of what their challenges are,” he says. Technical skills are important, but Pang stresses that communicating effectively and motivating others are as vital.