Building the CPA brand

The CPA brand strategy was created to raise awareness of the new designation and promote the professional attributes of a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA).

Building the CPA brand

Together, we are raising awareness that we are now one accounting profession, with more than 210,000 members at home and abroad. We’re united under the new Canadian Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation — created by the unification of Canada’s three independent legacy accounting professions (CA, CGA and CMA) into the CPA, now Canada’s only business and accounting profession.

Now in its fourth year, the national multimedia advertising campaign creates awareness of the Canadian CPA as the pre-eminent, globally respected business and accounting designation. The campaign is reinforced by provincial CPA organizations across the country in a variety of local recruitment ads and ongoing marketing and communication initiatives.

The evolution of the brand campaign continues to strengthen awareness and recognition of the value of the designation, and showcases the benefits CPAs bring to the business world. Here is a summary of the evolution of the annual brand campaign.

2018-2019 Campaign – CPAs Not Boring

Debunking the myth of the "boring" accountant is the theme of this year's national brand campaign. Designed to shift stereotypical views, the campaign illustrates the diversity and sometimes unconventional roles that CPAs play in a variety of industries. Utilizing real-life examples with humour and a strong visual appeal, the campaign will leverage television, billboards, social media and digital platforms to showcase CPAs who are breaking the stereotype every day.

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See the current national advertising campaign.

2017-2018 Campaign – Ask a CPA

Building on the previous “change” concept, this year’s multi-platform campaign demonstrates that today’s business world is in constant transformation, and CPAs can help businesses thrive in this turbulent climate. Whether it is the emergence of artificial intelligence, climate change or changing business models, CPAs have the expertise, insight and perspective to transform complex challenges into business opportunities.

2016-2017 Campaign – Navigating Change

“Navigating Change” marks a new creative direction for the brand campaign, featuring CPAs at the centre of the rapidly changing business landscape. As the profession continues to evolve, this campaign focuses on CPAs’ ability to leverage their expertise and ethical fortitude to navigate through disruptive change by anticipating the unexpected, making sense of complexity and analyzing data to make business decisions that drive success.

2015-2016 Campaign - The right fit for business

Building on the success of previous campaigns, these mind teasers involved actual puzzle pieces, showcasing the numerous attributes CPAs bring to the business world. With the tagline “The right fit for business”, the shift from awareness to understanding the value of the designation is cleverly illustrated. Whether bringing together insight on strategy, finance, vision or clarity, CPAs are the business experts that see the bigger picture.

2014-2015 Campaign - Need a PRO?

The ad campaign associated the deep meaning of the word “professional” and the attributes that define true professionals with the CPA designation, thus strengthening the understanding of the value CPAs provide. This campaign engaged its audience with puzzle headlines (“_ _ _fitable” for example) with the tagline “Need a PRO?” This intellectual puzzle campaign heightened awareness by playing on the word “pro” and using clever wordplay to create strong impressions about the value CPAs provide.

2013-2014 Campaign - The professionals are turning PRO

The brand campaign kicked off in September 2013 to raise awareness of Canada’s “new” accounting profession designation. The word “professional” was leveraged to convey the idea that Canada’s already professional accountants were upping the game. Like the professional sports concepts depicted in the TV spots, the print creative used words beginning with PRO (PROgress, PROductivity, PROfitable), to demonstrate that CPAs had the skills, commitment and vision it takes to be the best and at the top of their profession.