AGICAS: Advisory Group on Implementation of Canadian Auditing Standards

Find out more about the committee dedicated to identifying issues and proposing solutions for our members when implementing the CASs.

The AGICAS is a group of auditing specialists who volunteer their time to aid us in the timely development of high quality, non-authoritative audit guidance and support for our profession. They focus on identifying issues and proposing both solutions and/or practical considerations relating to the implementation of CAS by:

  • sharing their experiences of applying CAS through their firm methodologies and training of their staff
  • applying CAS in practice

AGICAS also addresses concerns raised by other interested parties, such as the provincial bodies practice advisors and practice inspectors, and the Canadian Auditing and Assurance Standards Board.

Free resources

The group has assisted us in the preparation of the following non-authoritative guidance, which can be downloaded free of charge:

The audit and assurance alerts have caught the attention of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), who requested a meeting with us in the fall of 2014 to learn more about our process to prepare non‐authoritative audit guidance.