Four key priorities for the federal government’s new mandate

As the federal government moves forward with its agenda, CPA Canada believes that Canada’s tax system, climate action, anti-money laundering and data governance should be top priorities.

Canadians are experiencing dramatic change being driven by global forces such as technological disruption, climate change and shifting international relationships. In the face of such transformative change, the federal government must maintain a proactive approach to help shape the future, capitalize on opportunities, and anticipate and prepare for any challenges ahead.

In advance of the Throne Speech outlining the government’s commitments, CPA Canada has written to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to share its recommendations in public policy areas that are critical to Canadians and Canada. 

To help build a better future for all Canadians, the federal government’s agenda must include:

  • addressing climate change and transitioning to a clean economy
  • preparing for a digital data-driven world
  • modernizing the tax system for all Canadians
  • protecting public trust and combating money laundering and tax evasion

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