What does precarious work really mean?

Canada’s labour market has seen a rise in precarious work in recent years. Francis Fong, CPA Canada’s chief economist, examines this issue in an article for Policy Options magazine.

In today’s job market, a large number of Canadians are finding themselves in jobs that are insecure, volatile and uncertain. New technologies and automation are encroaching on sectors previously shielded from their impact. More surprising is the fact that the true number of workers affected in this country is unknown.

Sound policy-making relies on data gleaned from research, but Canada, like many other advanced nations, does not have a formal definition for precarious work. This lack of a definition has resulted in a lack of data on precarious work and what it means for Canada.

Francis Fong, CPA Canada’s chief economist, takes a deeper look into this issue and suggests a possible definition for precarious work in this article written for Policy Options magazine.