CPA Canada's 2018 federal pre-budget submission

CPA Canada shares its priorities for the 2019 federal budget with the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance.

The House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance launched its annual pre-budget consultation process in June, inviting Canadians to share priorities on the topic “Economic Growth: Ensuring Canada’s Competitiveness.”

A few of our key priorities for federal government action include:

  • considering certain tax measures in response to the immediate concerns around U.S. tax reform
  • committing to a comprehensive review of Canada’s tax system
  • improving Canada’s regulatory competitiveness and efficiency
  • improving the financial incentives available to Canadians and employers for upskilling and re-skilling
  • developing a comprehensive Canadian action plan for sustainable finance to accelerate Canada’s shift towards a sustainable economy
To read about our priorities in more detail, visit our federal budget page and download our 2018 pre-budget submission.