Vice-president, Tax, speaks to Finance Committee on tax reform at pre-budget consultations

Bruce Ball, vice-president, Tax, appeared before the House of Commons Finance Committee during its annual pre-budget consultations.

During the Finance Committee’s annual pre-budget consultations, Bruce Ball, vice-president, Tax, CPA Canada, presented our key recommendations for Budget 2018. He emphasized the importance of tax reform and that the government’s current proposals for tax planning using private corporations are a key concern for members and numerous national stakeholders, and do not serve the public interest.

Among the recommendations for Budget 2018, he cited:

  • responsible fiscal management that includes a clear fiscal plan to balance the budget over the medium term
  • an efficient regulatory environment for business with well-designed and streamlined regulatory processes that make it easier for businesses to comply, and which facilitates trade and enhances job and growth opportunities
  • human capital development:
    • for young people to have the skills to be resilient in times of rapid change
    • for under-represented groups to have more opportunities in the workforce
    • and for high-potential newcomers to be attracted to Canada and stay here
  • a national adaptation plan that encompasses and coordinates across all key players, all aspects of adaptation to Canada’s changing climate. CPA Canada urges the government to develop such a plan in consultation with Canadian businesses.
  • tax reform because it is time for a comprehensive review of Canada’s tax system

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